Vanessa Cast Speaking

“Live Your Life According To Your Priorities”

You are just ONE decision away from a completely different life

Vanessa’s life and business speech and speaking style is far away from the fancy, cold and impersonal business line, she speaks from the heart her experience as a millennial woman, wife, mother and multi-entrepreneur, exposing the difficulties that she has gone through and how she has faced them.

Casual message, full of emotions and big doses of realism but never lowering the “Dreams Printer” approach.

Close language, loving and caring but firm and inspiring, just like a Mom! She will invite you to follow your dreams.

You have to become now the person you want to be in the future ─Van Cast

Van will give to the audience a clear system to focus on when they want to take THE STEP and “Live According To Their Priorities” but it seems to be too hard to achieve: 4C Transformation System” Clarity, Courage, Combat & Consistency.

dream printer - mominbusiness

Tailored Talks for:

  • Business Organizations – Helping your team to stay focus and motivated to get things done and reach a common goal.
  • Leadership Conferences – Be a leader, not a boss. How to be a true leader and inspire people.
  • Schools and Universities – Encourage future generations to fight for their dreams and create a plan that works to turn those dreams into goals.
  • Women Organizations – A powerful talk to inspire women to never give up on their dreams and know how to reconcile your family-life with your professional life.

She was born in Venezuela and she has been living in Madrid for more than 12 years now, despite English isn’t her mother tongue, she’s able to give talks in both English and Spanish, all around the world.

Also available for podcast and interviews.

Send me your proposals and ideas to [email protected]

Vanessa Cast Podcast

About me

Hi there! My name is Vanessa, I’m the mother of a 4 years old boy ♥ and a beagle called Theodore, a Business Woman and a loving wife, who will not settle for a small life without greater scope.

I was only 19 years old when I started my first “serious” business, it was a computer retail online store.

To make a long story short…Then, I played many years in corporate life, I had a very nice job, with great salary and a great team.

Back in 2013 (and this isn’t a bad “but”…It’s a super happy “but”) Alex was born, we were wanting him for so many years and finally came ♥ I haven’t been so happy in my life.

When I first saw him I realized that corporate world wasn’t something I wanted anymore, I needed something that allowed me to stay with my son, but also to continue developing my professional side and as a human being, so…4 months later I went back to entrepreneurship.

I would love to tell you that it was a piece of cake, but no…it was hard, really hard.

I’ve run many different businesses since then…subscription box biz, consulting services, and even a bakery…Sweet!

Vanessa Cast - Bakery

We went through serious money problems, I felt depressed…

But we handled to keep pushing, even harder and now I run a successful online business, with my husband Ronald help, from my living-room with my laptop…

…Maybe it sounds like the same thing everybody says but, this has allowed me to dedicate to my son the time he deserves, to my family and at the same time to still develop myself as a person and professional.

All this struggle made me stronger and gave me a bulletproof willpower.

Today, I’m still working very hard to get to the next level, yeah!…but now things are smoother for me.

Entrepreneurship requires hard work, don’t expect to sit on the couch for now on and magically had everything running, plus your bank account overflowing…BUT, it hasn’t to be harder than necessary and you aren’t alone.

I wish I knew a couple of years ago what I know now ─Van Cast

10 Random Things About Me

  1. My favorite dessert is carrot cake (love, love, love!).
  2. I love Whitney Houston and Elton John.
  3. My favorite Non-Business Book is “The Little Prince”.
  4. I love dancing Salsa and Bachata.
  5. My favorite colors are blue and purple.
  6. I’m vegetarian.
  7. I don’t drink coffee, I’m a tea addict.
  8. I suck at running, I find it boring.
  9. I love swimming.
  10. My favorite ice cream flavor is coconut.

I’m very happy that you are here! Let’s change the game.

With Love,

Vanessa Cast

Vanessa Cast Signature