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This is why you think you are not good enough. Once you identified what is causing you all this self-doubt, you will be able to conquer it!

Big Ideas

When was the last time you truly wanted to do something?  And you thought that you are not good enough

Like wanted something so badly you could taste it… The delicious taste of a big idea sprinkled with lots of passion and a dash of hope for success.

Maybe you really wanted to start your own business…. grow in your career… be better at [insert awesome goal here].

Maybe last year…?

Perhaps last month…?

Or maybe it’s happening right now! 

Big Impact

You lie awake at night unable to fall asleep because powerful ideas are rushing through your head so quickly… and, they’re such incredible ideas that you can’t bring yourself to go to sleep. All of a sudden “real life” is wayyy better than any dream you may have when asleep!  

Maybe you can’t focus during the day because ideas just keep swishing around in your head…

You spend days, maybe even weeks or months, making lists of all your ideas. Then, more time making plans for how you’re going to get started. And, of course, you continue to dream about all the positive IMPACT your work will have on others… people you’ve never even met!

And then it happens… the cynical doubt monster rears its no-good, dream bashing head, and whispers, “Who are YOU to do THAT?” 

The gates of positivity burst open and negative thoughts seep in, slowing overpowering your entrepreneurial, professional, and other goals.

I’m not an expert.

I don’t have enough experience.

Who would want to buy/learn something from me?

I don’t deserve…

On, and on, it goes. The negativity flows until those big ideas you had… those incredible and impactful dreams are silent.  

“What happened?” a friend asks, wondering why your business isn’t up and running or you’re not going to job interviews. 

“Oh… that,” you say, “It wasn’t for me.”

But, what you’re subconsciously saying is, “I don’t believe in myself enough to try and risk failing. Because failing is scary.”

You are suffering from Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor Syndrome – The Not Good Enough Feeling

If any (or heaven forbid all) of that sounds familiar, you, my dear friend, struggle with impostor syndrome


Simply put, you doubt your abilities.

You diminish your accomplishments. 

You don’t think you’re good enough

And, tough love time… you make excuses for not going after your goals!

“What if no one wants to hire me … or buy my product?”

“What if I get turned down for that job I want so badly?”

“What if I don’t get that promotion?”

The list of “what ifs” is endless, and they can be paralyzing. 

But, here’s the reality of the situation… major truth bomb coming at you… 

Are you ready?

You’re NOT good enough because you won’t allow yourself to be good enough! 

Impostor syndrome is keeping you away from what you want.

Real talk time. So, yea, any of those negative “what ifs” can definitely happen.

But, what if you decide to enjoy the journey to wherever you’re going and embrace the uncertainty and potential for “failure.” 

It can be flippin terrifying… I get it. But, it could also be incredible… life-changing!  

What if you succeed? 

Alright, friends, now that we’ve dragged ourselves into the impostor filled mud, how do we get out? 

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Step #1 Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Big surprise here… No one and I mean NO ONE, is perfect or has it all.

Are you shocked?  

I mean, looking around Instagram these days, you may think some people have it all… But, that’s just not reality. 

It’s so easy to focus on all the negative or lacking things in our lives that may prevent us from attaining our goals and living our dreams. But, why is it terrifying to admit that we also have some pretty awesome abilities and strengths?

Let’s get something out of the way, shall we? Recognizing your skills and talents and showcasing them DOES NOT make you a bad or self-centered person.  

Do me a favor and go ahead and grab a piece of paper.

You got it?

Now, if I were to call up your 3 closest friends what would they tell me you’re A-M-A-Z-I-N-G at? 

Go ahead and write those 3 things down. 

If you’re thinking, “Oh, I dunno…” then you’re not thinking hard enough! 

If you really can’t think of anything, please call or text those friends RIGHT NOW and ask them the question. Because I’m willing to bet each one of them will have a pretty long list of things you kick butt at! 

Now, here’s the real challenge… I want you to hold on to that list. And, the next time you’re getting ready to take on the world and doubt starts to creep up on you… look at it. 

Remember that there are people who KNOW how awesome you are. 

Remind yourself that it’s OK for you to recognize your awesomeness too!  

Step #2 Know that you are enough

No matter where you are in your life at this very moment, know that you are enough. 

You are enough for what you’re doing right now. And if that makes you happy, I say, “Rock on!” 

And, if you want something else… something different, know that you ARE enough to make that happen too. 

Sometimes the difference between failure and success is the simple act of not-so-gently convincing ourselves that we are good enough to make the things we want actually happen. 

So, the next time you start to question your skills … your abilities… remind yourself that in every way shape and form, YOU are enough!

Step #3 Embrace failure

Winston Churchill said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The reality is, at some point you’re going to fail at something. 

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It’s gonna suck. 

And, if you’ve already failed at something. Rest easy knowing you’ll likely fail at something again…

Maybe it will be something small. Perhaps it will be something big. 

Accepting the inevitability of failure seems scary. Because, who wants to fail? 

But, embracing failure when it happens and using the experience to learn and grow… that’s the foundation for success. 

And, we all want success! 

Always remember that the path to success is littered with failures we CHOOSE to learn from instead of run away from.

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