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Niche Markets


In his book ‘Expert Secrets’, the Funnels and Marketing guru Russell Brunson explain that almost all successful businesses are based on one of these 3 core markets: health, wealth or relationships.


3 core markets


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Inside these 3 core markets, there are multiple submarkets, for example:

Inside wealth:

  • Savings
  • Finance
  • Investing

Inside health:

  • Core Training
  • Nutrition
  • Quick Smoking.

Inside relationships:

  • Dating Advice
  • Divorce Advice
  • Love

Niche Market

There are always more and more sub-markets popping out. You can try to build your business around any of these core markets or sub-markets but, they’re too overcrowded and it’s really hard to stand out.

For example, if you create a business about “Relationship” or “Dating”, do you think is going to be easy to stand out?. Those are huge markets, full of competitors, you’ll need some serious marketing campaigns (money, money) to reach awareness over the big players.

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Forget about the market and sub-market. The money is in the niches, and the niches are one step beyond the sub-markets.

Once you choose your sub-market, check your competitors, find what are they selling? how are you different? and create your own niche.

Be unique, offer a new opportunity to them, a brand new way to reach their goals.

Some niche examples are:

  • Relationship -> Love -> How to find love in a bookshop
  • Health -> Nutrition -> How to lose weight as a vegan
  • Wealth -> Investing -> How to invest in blockchain technology stocks

There are more and more niches, just pick up your market, sub-market and find your niche.

We are experts in something, find that thing that makes you special and start helping people.

There are people ready to pay you for that skill you have, that thing you know better than them, you don’t need to be a world recognized scientific to teach science, or Gordon Ramsey to teach cooking, you just need to be one chapter ahead to help others.

The most important thing here is to truly help people to solve a problem and provide real value.


How to find a niche market?

I know it could be hard to find a niche, there is a nice hack for this, just go to Google and see what people are looking for.

You can use the sentence “how to…” and then use only one letter, Google will autocomplete with the most common searches.

Just take advantage of the Google autocomplete feature to get ideas about what people are looking for.

market niches google

find your niche

Or if you have deeper knowledge about nutrition, you can try with “nutrition for…” and Google will autocomplete again.

Another example “how to improve your…” and Google again will provide some guidance, it’s like having a crystal ball, amazingly helpful. You are starting a business around something you already know people are looking for.

Find your niche market

Just take advantage of Google autocomplete feature.


Be Passionate

Now you know why is important to find your niche and how to find some niche ideas.

The last piece, and you can be sure this is the most important one, find something you love!

It doesn’t matter if talking about “How honey can help you lose weight during winter” is a millionaire idea, if you don’t give a damn about honey and nutrition!

Have you got my point?

Being an entrepreneur is hard, things can get nasty and if you don’t have passion for your business, you’ll quit as soon as things get tougher.


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With Love ♥

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