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Build a Succesful Landing Page

The purpose of a landing page is to turn visitors into leads, end of the story. This is why the landing page have to hold visitors hand and take them through an engaging journey, avoiding any distraction until the final step, where you get their email and maybe, just maybe, they’ll buy something from you this time.

Again, your main goal is to get your visitors email address, so be aware that the main focus is not selling, is getting visitor information. Remember that “the money is in the list“, this is the point where you can start nurturing your lead.

Now you may have two questions:

How do I convince the visitors to leave their email? and

What is lead nurturing?

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To answer the first question I’m going to list 5 essential aspects that you should always keep in mind (it isn’t negotiable), explained in plain English:

  1. Copywriting: There is a human being on the other side of your landing page, so please write like a human, just as people in your target niche would like you to address them. Connect more deeply and authentically with your audience, share your story, people love stories. Write simple and put the spotlight on the problem you solve, how you will release their pain and make their life easier.
  2. Avoid Links: Links to external pages should be avoided at any cost, you don’t want to get your visitors distracted and leaving your landing page without taking any action.
  3. Images/video: Use engaging images or video (when possible video is preferable). Share the experience, not the product, I want to buy a bike, not because of the bike itself, I buy it because I love to ride and feel the wind on my face. I’m not buying a drill, I’m buying a hole in the wall!. Keep that in mind and you’ll play safe.
  4. Taking Action: Be clear about what do you want from your visitors, give simple and direct instructions, there is no room for doubt, if they struggle to find what to do, you are done, there are thousands of places out there fighting for their attention and they will go to never come back.
  5. Lead Magnet: Remember I told you that you have to get their email? well, remove hesitation by providing value in exchange for your customer information. You want personal information, this information is priceless, and most of the people don’t provide personal information for free. Prepare a small guide, video, audio, etc…that add value. For example, lets say you are selling a product that improves public speaking skills, sharing a guide called “My 3 secrets to overcome public speaking fear” will be a great lead magnet.
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And, What about Lead Nurturing?…well, I could create a 2 hundred pages course about lead nurturing, and maybe someday I will, but for now, I just want you to know that this is how you create a real relationship with your buyers, gain confidence and start being perceived as an expert in your field. This is how you crush the barriers in your customer’s mind and get them to buy whatever you are selling.

How do I start doing it?

  1. Nurture leads with targeted content.
  2. Don’t depend on a single channel, instead think about multi-channel lead nurturing.
  3. Do not expect to make a sale at the first contact, if you do it, great, but it’s normal to take at least 10 touches to do it. So, you will have to generate those encounters.
  4. Personalize your emails.
  5. Sales and Marketing efforts must be aligned.
I'm not buying a drill I'm buying a hole in the wall! Keep that in mind and you'll play safe Click To Tweet


There is something you should never forget, always provide value, solve a problem, help people. If you want to have a business just for the money, you won’t get so far, because being an entrepreneur is tough, and if you don’t love what you do, you will quit when things get hard and trust me, they will.

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What is your landing page best conversion secret? Leave a comment and let me know!

With Love ♥

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