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Postpartum Workouts

When it comes to exercising, as a business owner mom, every minute counts!

Dealing with both roles give you very little free time to improve your health and it opens the door to a lot of bad consequences for you.

That’s why making the most out of your workouts it’s important, instead of giving them up, work intelligently.

How can you be successful in your mission?


 Check the three ways you can maximize your postpartum workout for the best results


1. Focus on low impact HIIT Cardio.

Relaxin (a hormone that loosens ligaments in the pelvic floor and hips to aid in delivery) stays elevated in your body postpartum for up to a year.

This means you are more susceptible to injuries and should avoid exercises that involve a lot of running and jumping in the first few months postpartum.

However, you also want to try and burn calories and get your heart rate up when you don’t have a lot of time to exercise.

The solution is low impact HIIT Cardio and if you’re unable to get to the gym, we’ve included some sample exercises here.

If you do have a gym membership ellipticals and recumbent bikes can provide a total body workout without straining your postpartum body.

HIIT training is defined by periods of high intensity (anywhere from 10-seconds up to 2 minutes), followed by recovery exercise where you allow your heart rate to return back close to resting.

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2. Core and pelvic floor work to heal muscles most affected by pregnancy and delivery.  

After delivery it’s normal for your abdominals to be damaged, stretched and strained, leaving you with a weak core and pelvic floor.

Although I wish it was the case, those abdominal muscles don’t self-heal!

In order to begin feeling like yourself and building back the foundation for a strong body, you want to avoid exercises that build abdominal pressure during the first 6 months postpartum, (especially if you have diastasis recti).

Instead focus on your transverse abdominals, obliques and lower back.

Pelvic tilts, bird dogs, bridges, reverse marching and dead bug crunch are some of my favorite moves and can be completed in a short 5-minute workout.

Once you have developed your “lower abs” and pelvic floor you can start incorporating more intense abdominal work like planks and crunch variations.


3. Stick to body weight exercises you can do anywhere and anytime.  

Using your own body weight against you is an effective tool for building lean muscle and decreasing inches off your body.

The best thing is you don’t have to worry about finding equipment or a designated workout room for these exercises.

Here’s a 15-minute equipment free workout we recently published for moms everywhere!



In order for you and your business to be successful, you have to stay strong and healthy, the business path isn’t easy, so we need a full capacity person running it.

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Do you have a postpartum workout routine that worked for you? Leave a comment and let me know!