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How a mindset change starts?

Some people ask me:

— How did you realize that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

And I always reply:

— How did you realize that you need air to survive?

I think being an entrepreneur is in your DNA and you can’t escape from who you are. At this point of my career, I believe there must be some configuration that aims you to always need more, to desperately want to achieve “something else”, have more impact and give you some kind of crazy strength at the downs to help you to get up being even stronger…It may sounds “Hollywood style”, but have you ever felt this? like there will be something missing in your life if you follow the “regular” life:

  • Born
  • Study
  • Get a job
  • Buy a house
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Get old
  • Die

It’s not what I want…what about you?

Being an entrepreneur is in your DNA and you can't escape from who you are Click To Tweet

And I don’t know what your motivations are, but if you feel you don’t want to follow this standard path and get stuck in a soul-sucking job, while you have a first-row seat watching how your life is fading away and your dreams are just that, dreams…

You want to get the most out of your life and dedicate every second to something you love…(Imagine living a life doing the thing you love day after day)…

The thing is, YOU CAN DO IT…find your passion and then find a way to monetize it or give continuity to that passion. Remember, we’re always good at something, just find that something 🙂

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And do it because you want to provide value to others, don’t do it just for the money, if you want to be an entrepreneur for the money, you won’t get so far. Money is just a consequence. The path is hard, harder than you think, harder than I can even explain you…and if your only motivation is money, you will quit as soon as things get tough.

Remember that Friends and Family will be there (sometimes… most of the time… ok… always…) to discourage you (well… not all of them) but keep in mind that they don’t do it because they’re bad people, they do it because they want to protect you. Their motivation is noble but you don’t need this kind of energy in your life, you’re changing gears and you need all the good vibes you can possibly find. So, just go over that.

When things get hard, remember why you started and keep hustling. HUSTLE AND HUSTLE. As the king of hustle, Gary Vaynerchuk says:

Love your family, work super hard, live your passion ─Gary Vaynerchuk Click To Tweet

If you don’t know who he is, there is a book written by him that I love and always recommend to read at least one time: CRUSH IT! – Why now is the time to cash in on your passion

Do you have a hobby you wish you could indulge in all day? An obsession that keeps you up at night? Now is the perfect time to take that passion and make a living doing what you love.


  • Believe in yourself. Accept who you are.
  • Embrace the struggle, it shapes who you are.
  • Find your passion and monetize that passion.
  • Put zero weight into anyone opinion about you, you know who you are.
  • If you can’t beat fear, do it scared. Be brave.
  • Work hard, work with passion.
  • Try new things and never stop learning.
If you can't beat fear, do it scared. Be brave. Click To Tweet

Have you ever felt that you’re here for something more? Leave a comment and let me know!

With Love ♥

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