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Public Speaking, Interviews or Podcast

Thanks for your interest, you can send us your request to [email protected] Please include the proposed dates. Vanessa is able to attend threads in both, English or Spanish.

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Business Advice

Please visit the blog HERE first, just in case we'd already answered your question there.


2019 spots for private mentoring with Vanessa are currently closed. We strive to maintain a high quality so we only take around 20 private projects during the year. However, our main mission is always to help you, so if you have specific questions we invite you to ask them to our community HERE. Vanessa answers many of those questions and messages. 

Blogging-related inquiries, Guest Posting or Affiliates

Please send us your proposal to [email protected] If you want to write for us, please visit this site HERE.

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Advertisement / Ads

Please send us your proposals to [email protected], keep in mind that she'll only work with brands she genuinely love and they have sense to our community, her opinions will always be real.


If you want to send us something, please do it to: 8 Buena Madre Street, PO Box 66, 28320 Spain.

Anything else?

If we didn't answer your question above or you’d like to email us about something else, then you can write here: [email protected] We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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