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This small tip will help you success as a stay at home mom from day one. It's not only about working hard, it's about doing whatever it takes to make things happen. #wahm #mompreneur #sahm

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How to reach success as a mompreneur

As a work at home mom, you have a lot on your plate, and sometimes you feel like you are juggling through the day.

Picture this…

You have two kids and you managed to get them to sleep early in the night, so you have enough time to plan your goals for the next day.

Your schedule is perfectly organized and you go to sleep ready to accomplished a lot of things tomorrow.

But… one of your kids have a rough night, so you need to take him to the doctor in the morning, first, take the other one to the school…things get messy very early.

Bye bye, daily plan, as Tim Harford says:

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. What matters is how quickly the leader is able to adapt. Click To Tweet

So, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to this new situation. You need a plan that survives the first contact with the enemy. 

The enemy is unforeseen circumstances.

Life gets in the way very often and if you are a mom, this is even truer.

The question remains…


How can you succeed as a mompreneur?

To achieve real success as a mompreneur you need to be extremely organized and flexible, but what is most important you need a method.

What works for me is to divide my big goals or medium goals into even smaller goals.

Let’s see an example.

Normally this is how you plan your goals. There is a big milestone and you identified 6 intermediate goals or tasks you need to accomplished to reach that milestone in 3 days.

Standard roadmap to achieve your milestone as a mompreneur

The problem with this approach is that is not flexible enough.

Let’s say that things start to get out of control at home, and you can’t accomplish all these goals on time… the re-scheduling roller coaster begins!


Re-scheduling is normal, but you need to find a method flexible enough to minimize the rescheduling.


It’s really difficult to re-schedule and you start feeling depressed and tired… to the point that you start thinking about quitting.

Re-schedule is normal when you are a busy mom, but you need to find a method that helps you make the re-schedule easier without losing your motivation.

I created a method that works wonders for me, I callled it The Footstone approach.

Milestones into Yardstones and Yardstones into Footstones.

If you want to reach success as a mompreneur, keep reading.

The Footstone approach to success as a mompreneur

Let’s apply the Footstone approach to the above plan, where we divided the milestone into 6 intermediate goals.

a nice way to better organize your day as a work at home mom

As you can see here you have the 6 intermediate goals we mentioned before (Yardstones) but we go one step further by creating smaller goals (Footstones).

When you are a mom, there are so many variables in your day that can get out of control, you don’t have complete control of your schedule.

What is really important to keep moving forward no matter what.

If you plan to reach your milestone in 3 days, it doesn’t matter if you reach it in 5 or 7 days. Really, it doesn’t matter as long as you reach it.

As you can see below, life gets in the way, you can’t run, but you can still walk towards your milestone.

Don't get to worry about the pace, as long as you keep moving forward. Click To Tweet


You can say, that it took me 8 days to complete a 3 days milestone… Hey, but I made it.

With the standard approach, it was so hard to re-schedule those big intermediate goals that I finally quit and didn’t reach my big milestone.

Remember, you are a stay at home mom working hard to build a successful online business. You have a lot on your plate.

This kind of things are going to happen, you need to embrace those unexpected changes and have a flexible method that helps you keep pushing hard.

The right way to divide your goals and get things done


Divide and Conquer

Look at day 1. Remember that your kids were sick so you don’t have all the time you need to work as planned.

With the standard method, you didn’t have time to work on your first goal, way too big to get it done so you decided to skip it. 

The nice part about the Footstone Approach is that you still find the time to work on those two tiny tasks that help you reach your first goal or first yardstone.

Everything is about progress and with this method you keep moving.

There is another nice benefit and is that you feel great about yourself.

Despite what happened that day, you still managed to get some things done, your self-esteem is intact. You are a doer!

Let’s suppose that your milestone is to write and promote 1 blog post in three days. Here is the plan following the standard method:

  1. Gather all the information you need for your blog post.
  2. Write the first half of your blog post.
  3. Write the second half of your blog post.
  4. Create some pinnable images and external and internal links.
  5. Proofread your blog post.
  6. Promote your blog post.

It’s very difficult to re-schedule such big goals.

Following the Yardstone Approach

Let’s see how it works following the Yardstone approach:

1. Gather all the information you need for your blog post.

     1.1 Google the most popular posts around your subject.

     1.2 Check how you can improve that content.

2. Write the first half of your blog post.

     2.1 Think about how you will structure the first half post.

     2.2 Start writing the first half

3. Write the second half of your blog post.

     3.1 Think about how you will structure the medium part of the post.

     3.2 What are your post takeaways?

     3.3 Start writing the second half.

4. Create some pinnable images and external and internal links.

     4.1 Think about the best design of your pins to improve conversions.

     4.2 Find external and internal links related to your article.

5. Proofread your blog post.

     5.1 Proofread the first half.

     5.2 Proofread the second half.

6. Promote your blog post.

     6.1 Add your Pins to Pinterest. Publish on social media.

     6.2 Send the information to your email list.

Here you have, the same 6 goals (Yardstones) but now you have 13 small goals (Footstones).

This allows you to re-schedule easily and what is most important, since the tasks are smaller you can still move forward in the more challenging days.

Your brain will find this approach easier because you have decomposed your big goals into something more manageable.

The way your brain perceives the road to your milestone with this approach is amazingly positive.

Do whatever it takes to make things happen


The secret to reaching success as a mompreneur

Now that you learned about the Footstone approach, it’s time to know the secret to success as a mompreneur.


That’s it.

There is a book from Online Business Guru Peng Joon titled Build a Money Machine where he suggests 3 ways of doing things, from learning how to play tennis, to build a business, being a parent or get a job.

The 3 ways are:

  1. Trying to do something – Where most of the people are, they’re constantly starting new things, but as soon as things get hard or challenging they quit and try something else.
  2. Doing your best – We have been trained from young to “do our best”, here is the thing, how do we know if we are doing our best based on our willingness or based on our capability?. “Do your best” can be a convenient excuse to not achieve something,  people tend to believe that if they failed…nothing happens as long as they gave their best.
  3. Whatever it takes – Understand that the path will be filled with struggles, challenges, and obstacles. Honor that struggle, because those are the days where ordinary people give up. Do whatever it takes to reach your goal! (of course, as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical…)

Are you getting results?

If you are not getting results in your life, ask yourself:

Am I trying?

Am I doing my best?

Or am I doing whatever it takes?

If you want to reach success as a mompreneur you need to be honest, you can cheat everyone out there, but you can’t cheat on yourself. Remember Albert Einstein’s quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If you really do whatever it takes to get things done you’ll reach your goals.

If you want to get different results, you will need to start from changing your mindset, change gears, be honest with yourself and the most important thing: stop making excuses.

Once you are there, once you change your mentality, things will start to happen…because there isn’t going to be any other option in your brain, the only option available will be to make things happen.

Productivity Hacks


How do you stay focused and productive while working from home?

There are many different ways to stay focused and productive when working from home.

One of my favorites is the Focus Funnel from Rory Vaden

The Focus Funnel will help you get things done


The Focus Funnel will help you work from home easier and successfully.

You just need to pass every task through the funnel, if the task can’t be eliminated, automate or delegate, you need to check if it can be done later or you need to concentrate on doing it now.

You can check your tasks against the Focus Funnel every morning, This is a great way to be sure that you are working only on really important tasks. 

Mom, time is not something we can waste, you need to focus on tasks that add more value to your business.

If you want to learn more about how to multiply your time, please I invited you to read Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

This is the best book to learn how to get away from the tyranny of the urgent and focus on the important.


3 uncommon hacks that will help you stay focused to reach your goals. The Focus Funnel is one of the most amazing techniques to manage your time. #productivity #wahm #timemanagement


What is a bullet journal?

As defined by his creator, Ryder Carroll. A bullet journal is an analog system to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. 

Also known as a BUJO. You can say that a bullet journal is a To-Do List, Diary, and Planner, all in one.

The format is very flexible and when you are starting with your bullet journal, Carroll recommends go with a monthly log.

With a monthly log, you can prioritize tasks to meet monthly goals.

This video provides a great overview of how to bullet journal.


Every bullet journal should include these collections in the following order:

  • Index – The table of contents with page numbers to different collections.
  • Future Log – Four pages. It’s a year at a glance calendar, with future events, goals. You can add travel plans, holidays, birthdays or any other special event for the year.
  • Monthly Log – Two pages. Calendar with a high-level overview of the month and a task page with things you want to accomplish during the month.
  • Daily Log – Your daily to-do list.

You can create your own code, however, Carroll recommends using the following symbols if you want to be a Bullet Journal Master:

  • Tasks: •
  • Events: O
  • Notes (facts and observations):
  • Priority: *
  • Inspiration (quotes, insights, and ideas): !

This blog post from Rachel Wilkerson Miller goes deep into what is a bullet journal and why you should start one.

The Bullet Journal is a great tool to reach success as a mompreneur.

What do you need to start your bullet journal?

Well, basically only a pen and a notebook. If you follow the process these are the only things you’ll need.

However, who tell us that we can’t mix fashion with results, these are the most amazing bullet journals options and accessories you can find.

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Success as a mompreneur takeaways


The key takeaways to reach success as a mompreneur

  • Divide and conquer, The Footstone Approach will help you stay consistent.
  • Stop being a quitter or an “I’m doing my best” girl. You need to do whatever it takes.
  • The Focus Funnel is one of the most amazing secrets to stay focused and prioritized the right tasks.
  • The Bullet Journal is one of the nicest ways to track your past, present, and future. Don’t get lost on the road.

What is your productivity hack? What do you do to keep moving forward? Leave a comment and help the awesome community of Mom In Business

With Love ♥

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