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MailChimp Alternatives

When I started my business, one of the most recurrent things I read was how valuable is the email list…now I can confirm that, I only regret not having started to build it sooner. The money is in the list, is the place from which you will keep in touch with your clients always, so, we need to take good care of it.

According to Adobe blog, email has an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent. That crush all the other options!

Email Marketing ROI Source: https://blogs.adobe.com[/caption%5D

Ok, at this point I will take for granted that you know how important it’s to build and nurture your email list…and I’m going to compare for you the 4 email marketing tools I like the most.

These are the minimum features that you should always look at before choosing the best fit for your business:

  1. Pricing *
  2. Ease of use
  3. Free Trial
  4. Email Templates
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows

* Pricing based on 1,000 subscribers.
email list

Let’s see how Mailchimp scores in these 6 sections so we can define the starting point

MailChimp Mailchimp

  1. Pricing: Free (up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails/mo)
  2. Ease of use: 5/5
  3. Free Trial: Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails/mo
  4. Email Templates: 3/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 3/5

MailChimp is the most-common and well-known brand in email marketing and is the only email marketing service that offers a 100% free account.  This is something really important when we are starting a business, free, FREE! 🙂

The interface is also very intuitive, reducing the learning curve.

The free account has a limited of 12,000 emails per month but you can remove that limit for a very affordable price.

MailChimp Pricing

The main cons I see here is that the workflow is not very visual, making it hard to have an overview of the subscriber journey through your automation. On the other hand, its popularity is also negative in the sense that the look & feel of the MailChimp templates is very familiar for the end user, of course, you can customize the email templates but somehow they always keep that look of a MailChimp newsletter.

MailChimp used to force users to double opt-in to join your list, one on your website and the 2nd one by confirming their email. This impact the size of your list, the good news is that in November 2017 they started permitting the single opt-in.

I have to say that I really love the monkey, be ready to sweat when you are about to send your newsletter to your subscriber, the monkey finger will blow your mind!

In a nutshell, MailChimp has everything you need when you are starting a business and for free, that explains why is so popular.

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GetResponse GetResponse

  1. Pricing: $15/month
  2. Ease of use: 5/5
  3. Free Trial: 30 days
  4. Email Templates: 5/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 5/5

GetResponse provides an excellent quality-price relationship, beautiful email templates making it easy to create professional newsletters and autoresponders.

GetResponse email templates

Their price stays affordable as you list grows and their customer care is impressive. A beautiful user-friendly interface and what I really love is their marketing automation tool, very visual, you can create a workflow in the blink of an eye.

GetResponse Automation Tool

And the autoresponder is outstanding

GetResponse Autoresponder

Some people consider that their automation rules are limited, but believe me, they do the job and they do it really well.

You can give it a try, they have a nice 30-day free trial

* Note added on December 18th: Get Response doesn’t allow you to customize the unsubscribe page.

ActiveCampaign Active Campaign

  1. Pricing: $29/month
  2. Ease of use: 5/5
  3. Free Trial: 14 days
  4. Email Templates: 5/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 5/5

These guys come in a close second place and what makes them stand out is the CRM system, it’s an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing. That is why we can compare it with big boys like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and Ontraport, but a twentieth of the starting cost of those tools.

Their user interface is very friendly, there are also plenty email templates and the marketing and automation tool is also very visual and powerful.

ActiveCampaign automation tool

I can say the only cons is the pricing is you compare it with tools like GetResponse but, thanks to the built-in CRM it can be considered the affordable version of Infusionsoft and if you compare prices, ActiveCampaign is the Champion.

AWeber AWeber

  1. Pricing: $29/month
  2. Ease of use: 4/5
  3. Free Trial: 30 days
  4. Email Templates: 4/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 4/5

AWeber does the job. Despite the old fashion look, is a very simple and has everything you need to get the job done. Their marketing automation tool is not the fancier but, is visual enough.

aweber email automation

They have a lot of email templates and the editor is really friendly, you can create beautiful designs within minutes. AWeber also has a ton of third-party integrations.

You can give it a try, they have a nice 30-day free trial

ConvertKit ConvertKit

  1. Pricing: $29/month
  2. Ease of use: 5/5
  3. Free Trial: 14 days
  4. Email Templates: 4/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 5/5

They claim to be “The Email marketing for professional bloggers”. What makes ConvertKit stand out is that everything is very crisp, intuitive and easy to use. It’s easy to implement marketing automation, perfect for implementing content upgrades and they are constantly adding new features.

They don’t have a drag and drop email templates, like the other email marketing providers, but Nathan Barry the Founder and recognized authority on this matter explained why in this interesting article

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When Nathan Barry describes ConvertKit, he instants you to think in the power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.

ConvertKit Automation

Talking about pricing, ConvertKit is a little higher than its most direct competitors. With a list of 1,000 subscribers, the price is very similar. However, when your number of subscribers gets bigger, ConverKit gets more and more expensive.

You can give it a try, they have a 14-day free trial


MailerLite  MailerLite

  1. Pricing: Free up to 1k subscribers and unlimited emails
  2. Ease of use: 5/5
  3. Free Trial: Up to 1h subscribers and unlimited emails
  4. Email Templates: 5/5
  5. Email Automation/Autoresponder: Yes
  6. Ease to implement automation workflows: 5/5

One of the most powerful alternatives to MailChimp thanks to the free account and the most affordable pay-as-you-growth offer in the market. $10 up to 2,5k subscribers, more than 50% cheaper than its competitors.

It supports Subscriber Management, Popups, Landing Pages, Embedded Forms, Unsubscriber page builder, Reports, Automation, A/B Split testing. They also provide a Subscriber App. This app is a perfect way to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place where people might like to join your subscriber list. Just put your iPad in a visible place and invite people to subscribe.

The Landing Page builder is really powerful and they offer tons of templates



The automation tool is also easy to use and very descriptive.


I haven’t identified any important cons, maybe I can say that because is relatively new to the market you will find MailerLite integration in few popular plugins. But it won’t last for long, and soon almost every important plugin will support it.

Click here to free signup on MailerLite.


Bonus Track

InfusionSoft Infusionsoft logo

This is a complete game changer, a full sales, and marketing automation tool. Email marketing is just one of the many options they provide. It’s wrong to compare it with services like MailChimp or AWeber but it will be a mistake not to mention it.


You can automate your business based on customer behavior, it’s a powerful and addictive tool.

If you are starting with all these things about email marketing I can honestly say that this is not the right fit. It also really makes sense if you have a strong business around selling products online and already making a nice profit.

You can request a  demo here


These tables provide a nice overview of pricing and features of each solution. You can see how the pricing evolves based on the number of subscribers. As you may know by now, there is no one-size fits all solution, just take a look at all the options available (there are others not included here) and choose the best fit between your needs and your budget.

Pricing & Features

Based on the number of subscribers

SERVICE 0 – 500 501 – 1,000 1,001 – 2,000 2,001 – 2,500 2,501 – 5,000 5,001 – 10,000


$15 $25 $25 $45 $65
ConvertKit $29 $29 $49 $49 $79 $119

Free *


Free *


Free *


$30 $50 $75
ActiveCampaign $15 $29 $49 $49 $89 $139
AWeber $19 $29 $29 $29 $49 $69
MailerLite Free Free $10 $10 $20 $35


* Up to 12,000 emails/mo


GetResponse 5/5 30 days 5/5 Yes 5/5
ConvertKit 5/5 14 days 4/5 Yes 5/5
MailChimp 5/5 Up to 2k subscribers and 12k emails/mo 3/5 Yes 3/5
ActiveCampaign 5/5 14 days 5/5 Yes 5/5
AWeber 4/5 30 days 4/5 Yes 4/5
MailerLite 5/5 Up to 1k subscribers 5/5 Yes 5/5


What is your favorite email marketing provider? Leave a comment and let me know!

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