You are just one decision away from a completely different life

I’m very happy that you’re here and that you’re using your valuable time to pursue your success and happiness, thank you for sharing it with me.

Picture yourself experiencing your perfect day, doing something you love and spending your time with the people you want…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine it…

Living on your own terms.

Is this something you would like to achieve?

Are you a person who is not willing to settle for having less than you want?

If your answers are yes, then you have found your tribe 🙂


Are you living your life according to your priorities?


That’s the question I asked myself almost 5 years ago and everything changed…

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I was only 19 years old when I started my first “serious” business, it was a computer retail online store. Then, I played many years in corporate life, I had a very nice job, with a great salary and a great team. But (and this isn’t a bad “but”…It’s a super happy “but”) in 2013 Alex was born and my priorities drastically changed.

When I first saw him I realized that corporate world wasn’t something I wanted anymore, I needed something that allowed me to stay with my son, but also to continue developing my professional side and as a human being, so…4 months later I went back to entrepreneurship.

The first years we went through serious money problems, I felt depressed and I fighted against imposter syndrome. But we (my husband and I) handled to keep pushing, even harder and now I run a successful online business.

I would love to tell you that it was a piece of cake, but no…it was hard, really hard.

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How long have you been trying to get to that next level?…a month? a year? five years?

Entrepreneurship requires hard work, don’t expect to sit on the couch for now on and magically have everything running, plus your bank account overflowing…BUT, it hasn’t to be harder than necessary, you can find resources to take advange of the road other people has already walked through.

Today, I’m still working very hard to get to the next level, yeah!…but now things are smoother for me…and I’m able to give back my gratitude to the universe for the opportunities I got, helping people to find all the stuff otherwise you will need to discover by yourself to run a successful business. But more importantly, to help people with the only thing that really makes a difference and can prevent you from flying high: their mindset transformation proccess, your mindset transformation proccess, to be able to reach bigger things than the ones you already have.

All these years involved in several entrepreneurship adventures, and thanks to that self-growth journey, I created a simple process called: “The 4C Transformation Road”. This simple 4-step approach clarifies the process of changing your mindset, from who you are to who you need to be to make your dreams come true.

You have to become now the person you want to be in the future.

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BNA (Business Ninjas Arsenal)

To put all this information together in an almost effortless format for you, I decided to create BNA and I did it with one thing in mind:

This guide will be something that I would have loved to find some years ago, when I started my own business.

I know that when we are starting a business project the amount of information you will find online can be overwhelming and it is hard to identify what really works, and even much harder put all the pieces together.

Business Ninjas Arsenal

In this guide you will find things like: Mindset Elevation “The 4C Transformation Road”, how to find a profitable idea and test it, how to choose the right platform for your business, the best way to market your business, raise awareness and build your tribe, social networks success, email marketing, copywriting, and much more….

I wrote this guide thinking in your needs, I was there, right there where you are right now and I know how difficult things are when you are just starting.



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